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Be sure to add rooms@mednet.ucla.edu to your email safe list: otherwise, our email will most likely be put into a spam folder.
Requestors should only request a room for the length of time that the meeting will actually occur. The system is designed to adjust reservations based on the requestor's response to whether or not food will be served and the meeting format selected.
Reservations can only be made for a period that does not extend further than 6 months from todays date.

Reserving A Room

The David Geffen School of Medicine conference rooms and lecture halls are for the exclusive use of faculty, trainees, students and employees at DGSOM. When scheduling permits, the rooms will be made available to the Schools of Dentistry, Public Health and Nursing. Rooms may not be scheduled for or rented to outside sources.

Please become familiar with our room policies and guidelines before using this system.

By clicking on our Reserve a Room link, you will be directed to sign-in using your UCLA Logon credentials. Please note that when reserving a room, our system will assign you to the most appropriate room based on your meeting preferences and anticipated attendance. You can indicate a room preference in the notes section; however, this does not guarantee that the room will be assigned to you. We will do our best to assign reoccurring events in the same rooms; however, no guarantees are made that the same rooms can be assigned.

You can request a room reservation by clicking on Add a Reservation. You will receive an email verification of your request and another email notification when a conference room or lecture hall has been reserved for your meeting. If nothing is available, someone will be in contact with you within 2 business days. A room will be assigned based on your meeting format and the anticipated number of attendees.

Room Reservation Walkthrough

Upon logging in to our room reservation service, you will land on your Room Reservation profile.

Your Room Reservation Profile

Your room reservation profile will display your pending, current and past reservations within our system; however, it will only display one of these categories at a time. Please use the drop down menu to filter these categories.

Your pending, current and past reservations

To add a reservation, please click on the link titled Add A Reservation to start the reservation process.

Add your reservation by following this link

All fields with the following description will need to be completed: (required).

Reservation form

If you have not completed all the fields or the system does not recognize your input, the page will refresh and an error will be indicated below the corresponding entry field

Only a single integer is allowed in this instance. Request the room by the maximum number of attendees anticipated.

Upon completing your initial request, you will be presented a confirmation page. This page will allow you to review the information to be submitted. If you are satisfied, then press "submit." If you need to make edits, then press the "edit" button to be brought back to the previous screen.

A page ready to be submitted.

Upon submitting your room reservation request you will be brought back to the pending reservation page. You will receive an email verification of your request. Your request will then be reviewed by an administrator and another email notification will be sent when a conference room or lecture hall has been selected and reserved for your meeting.

If you have any questions, please email rooms@mednet.ucla.edu.

Video Conferencing

Go-to-meeting and webinars, although forms of video conferencing, will not be scheduled as a video conference. Please check off presentation under "Meeting Format" if you are trying to reserve a room for either of these formats.

All of the rooms are either video conferencing equipped or videoconferencing capable. To request video conferencing please check "Video Conference" under the field "Meeting Format" when making your room reservation request.

Video Conferencing Options

Please note that we provide videoconferencing support in 1357 Gonda; however, that room cannot be reserved using this system. Please reserve online and email Video Conferencing Support with your reservation information.

Please visit our video conferencing page to obtain more information regarding our video conferencing capabilities.


Users must provide at least forty-eight (48) hours notice for event cancellations.

To cancel a room, please use the appropriate link under the Room Reservation page.

Cancelling a reservation.


If you have any questions, please email rooms@mednet.ucla.edu.